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Locate Our Dental Emergency Facility in Adelaide

529 Marion Road, South Plympton, SA 5038

Telephone: 0402 479 227

237 Martins Road, Parafield Gardens,SA 5107

Telephone: 0402 479 227

3 Hanson Road, Woodville, SA 5012

Telephone: 0418 819 861
You store your regular dentist's number in your phone, but do you have a back-up plan for dental emergencies? When a sudden toothache or traumatic event occurs, you need experienced help with your dental emergency in Adelaide. And since emergencies can happen any time, you need help from someone who can get you an appointment as fast as possible.

Meet Our Dentist

Dr Danh Dang was formerly employed at Royal Adelaide Hospital as the on-call dentist. Fifteen years ago, he founded Adelaide Dental Emergency. Since that time, he has helped clients with a variety of dental emergencies.

Dr Dang works with clients of all ages. If your child or elderly loved one experiences an emergency, rest assured that Dr Danh Dang is available. He will provide the advice and treatment your family members need during their dental emergency in Adelaide.

Familiarise Yourself with Adelaide Dental Emergency

If you have a dental crisis, get in touch with Adelaide Dental Emergency immediately. You can also add our number to your phonebook so you're prepared when an emergency arises.

We have three conveniently located clinics that are available after hours. No matter the nature of your dental crisis, our clinic is here for support.


If you need help with a dental emergency in Adelaide, call today. We will happily provide answers and needed information. You can reach us on 0402 479 227 at any hour of the day. Once you do, we can provide prompt care, resolve your emergency and get you back to your daily routine.

Adelaide Dental Emergency
ABN 55 123 199 888

South Plympton

529 Marion Road,
South Plympton, SA 5038.
Telephone: 0402 479 227


Parafield Gardens

237 Martins Road,
Parafield Gardens,SA 5107.
Telephone: 0402 479 227



3 Hanson Road,
Woodville, SA 5012.
Telephone:  0418 819 861